sinukusSinukus first put records together at a party in 96, a move that would take over his entire life. A native Scot who moved to California in 93 he comes with a distinctly British ear.  For the first few years he span art gallery parties in Northern and Southern California which he felt reinforced Dj-ing as an art form on its own. He span high profile openings for the likes of Leonard Nimoy, Andreas H Bitesnich, Rex Ray and Mona Kuhn, all well known photographers and artists in their own right. He still continues to do special events in the arts augmenting the impact of the artwork.
His passion for good music led to gaining a monthly party at the hip and trendy underground scene-ster bar Anu in downtown San Francisco. Pulling in Jonathan Beech, a rising star in the Progressive scene, they launched their party FunkyCozy that is now about to enter its third year. Forming around the local scene FunkyCozy quickly gained a reputation of being a great music night traversing though a wide spread of genres from downtempo to house, progressive and breaks. Wooing the loyal crowd in and whipping them up into a frenzy by the end of the night. FunkyCozy quickly grew into being an institution in the San Francisco scene. Supported by guests from all over the US and the UK including Hybrid, Jondi & Spesh (Looq Records), Norman H (Coldtap recordings) Jerry Bonham (SAW recordings), Josh Abrams (Pure, Sugar LA), Sattva (Neopl/Xploision Records) to name but a few.

During this time Sinukus' music caught the attention of Mason Rothert, one of the founders of ThumpRadio, a US wide electronic music broadcast syndication. From this formed a weekly downtempo happy hour party called Thump Chill, now in its second year. Pulling in major late night talent and persuading them to spin chill out and downtempo seemed like a perfect idea to give these DJs an opportunity for their fans to see them in an entirely new light. Knowing that big club DJs don't always listen to 130 bpm music when they are kicking back. Thump Chill has since be branded back into the ThumpRadio fold and is a staple part of large 1000+ person parties at DNA lounge, and Space 550 in San Francisco. It has also been successfully turned into a subscription internet radio station, and still has more radio aspirations. In June of 2004 Sinukus was offered backing to produce a downtempo compilation CD to be distributed by Universal. This is currently an on going project and should be released December 2004, the compilation will be called Thump Chill volume 1 and is sure to have a strong impact on downtempo thoughout the US.

Aside from DJ-ing Sinukus has always had a strong interest in music technology. Working in internet radio as a software programmer for Live365 he wrote an MP3 player which has had millions of downloads. Moving on from there he started a company with the co-founders of Winamp, Rob Lord and Ian Rogers which specialized in music access technologies. This company was quickly snapped up by Yahoo in December 2003. During this time Sinukus decided it was time to delve deeper and joined Digidesign (the makers of ProTools) in June of 2003. He currently spends his daytime developing studio production technologies in this industry standard platform.

Immersed in music almost 24/7 Sinukus' style is based on passionate music. Whether its sweet soulful downtempo, chunky fun house, or driving progressive breaks its all about bringing out an emotional response in his party-ers, and making them have as good a time as is humanly possible.

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